Breaking news: Reunion of Angel trial is out! new Otome/VN on PC

an Otome/VN game called Reunion of angels trial just released!!

I just found/finished the demo today, in my opinion it was both confusing and impressive

Story line: you just lost your job, two angels that only people who are dying can see

just when you think things cant get any worse

they tell you that you are dying in 7 days

but they don’t know the cause,

also that they cant change the fate of you dying or they will loose THEIR jobs

at first you don’t believe them..until they proved themselves.

 you need to do good deeds now or you will die 

these angels give you their power and make a deal mentor you

There are 2 hot angels

one with long blue hair unaware of his snarky comments

and one with short red hair with a spunk personality

this game is fully voiced and has both Japanese and English trial

(voices are always in Japanese though)

if anyone needs the download site just let me know, 




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