Cradle of thorns : iphone novel

So theres this novel  for Iphone called cradle of thorns recently re -named ”Cradle of thorns: you can’t have my brother” O.o a story of 2 aristocrat boys who live alone (parents are dead) Johann and Joshua Johann =older Joshua= younger   the older twin brothers..*cough* a KILLER i predicted in the VERY beginning of the game that Johann  was a killer   Joshua  meets a girl in his garden her name was birdy she was kinna pretty actually It was forbidden for him to go out into the  rose garden even to go outside… because he was told the world is out there to hurt him   but one day he pushed what Johann had to say aside and finally got some stinking sunlight!   ONE DAY BIRDY NEVER CAME BACK his Johann said that she stole flour and stuff from their basement and that he TOOK CARE OF her,  she died.   ONE DAY HE SAID THAT THEY WERE HAVING BIRD FOR DINNER that the juice on the plate wasn’t blood but it was  residue from a disguising meat…. HOW SICK! I almost threw up yeah hes lying IT WAS BIRDY   then they say how they’ll be together forever after eating that rotten body in which Joshua was no naive as to it WAS his dear  birdie..   THE END *shoots phone*   this has to be the worst novel ive ever read so far the older brother had some sort of attachment to the younger brother i know the Joshua was straight but Johann was WAYYY to possessive. id call him  even…PSYCHO   comments in the game annoyed me so bad lol I was shouting “are you kidding it wasn’t yaoi people..” they thought it was yaoi ROFL the closest to BL was a CG in which Johann was gonna clean up his cut finger *shudders at the sight*   Yaoi= boy on boy uh..action BL=boys love BBL= big brothers love (yeah thats the genre i made up lol)   because there was NO boy on boy action and really NO love other than loving birdie. so yeah Big brothers love.. it wasn’t terrible because of  Johann being creepy BUT only because the ending was terrible and the older brothers secret really wasn’t uncovered man you kidding me?? becauseeee it’s not so secret big bros a KILLER… sure the art was pretty But y’know what the scariest part is? they said this was a REAL story but what part…O.O


2 responses to “Cradle of thorns : iphone novel

  1. I downloaded the app hoping for yaoi or romance between Birdy and Joshua but now im just like O.o

    • i downloaded it on impulse not for yaoi lol. there really isn’t even BL just super psycho brotherly obsessive love, in my opinion the games pretty messed up..HOW is it a true story like it claimed.. its freakin me out o.O

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