Ivan route review: Shall we date? Plus CGs :)

i JUST finished Ivans route last night yeah!!

i have an instagram under “Otomegamersparadise”

if you feel like following?? -no spaces-

i posted a couple little snippets of Ivans route there

i’ll be posting further snippets of stuff on there too

beware of CG spoilers in this post..depending on where you’re at

so anyways Ivans route was pretty amazing!
i do have the rule of going with the butler or glasses guy first xD

I know hes pretty old but i looked past that

I mean i just didn’t think about it

I wanted to give the character a chance

regardless of his age


 of Ivan trying to get you up in the morning xD

i think everyone gets this?

IMG_1165 (2)

dude i seriously shelled out 5.00 on this game..

somehow i missed a cg  from chapter 4 DANG IT .

so i had to purchase coin to retrieve it (2.00 USD)

one chapter i NEEDED to pass so (1.00)

i bought eyes to increase charm so i could pass (2.00)

all i have left is bad end (psh why would i buy it??)

also an after marriage event story.

(how do i get this???maybe the end is blocked because its over 😦 NOOO )

Also one called “my job” ? uhh idk

if you don’t want spoilers {stop here please}

CG 2

Chapter 4 in which i missed i used one of my FREE story saves i won YEAH

but i had to read through everything again (ok..)

the spot i messed up was Chapter 4 episode 4

in which chapter 4 episode 4  Ivan calls my name

he heads your way on a horse and helps you

this one was TRICKY took me 4 tries to realize what i did wrong

Major hint: you’re not supposed to jump off OR cry for help pick the other


CG 3 in no actual order:

in this scene it’s raining outside

you guys are soaked and yeah

leave this to your imagination

nothing filthy goin on in this route (just so you know)

they would die if they didn’t get near each other

you can actually go around this CG if you want but idk who would..




this actually looks like a close up of Ivans happier look

not saying this is a bad CG because all the art for this games near perfect

i really don’t have many critiques

sorry but i don’t have much to say about this scene..


BEST!!! CG belowww (CG5)

people seriously pick the most dainty option 😉

Ivan offers to buy you something

what do you pick??

um i actually picked the ring

because i wanted us to get married/engaged SO badly

isn’t his other suit pretty cool??

you two are out on a date in town -giggles-

I wish there was more 1 on 1

after this Ivan lies of being sick what?

i really couldn’t be mad at a face such as his..

but he did it on order for me to pick the next king

in which i did not haha

technically because Ivan refused

the princes were shocked xD


Another CG  (no. 6)  ENDING

i got “Happy end”

so this end Ivan gives up the thrown!

what he wants?

YOU ❤ to be his waifu!!

he of course asks for your hand

officially..and you say YES

i actually predicted this but

i cant argue being engaged with this handsome hunk ❤

-The End?



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