Shall we date: Cant say no- Mr security guard (SUBARU) HAPPY END / general

Shall we date: can’t say no
route: Subaru Tadokoru (mr. security guard)

now i WARN you guys this game is reason enough to put a lock on yo phone!

if you do not like stalker security guards,

being touched without permission

waking up with your feet chained this game isn’t for you

before this i had pretty much NO idea
but everyone warned me not to play it

Security guard gives her some food (donuts) cheerfully,

because he “Already had a snack” if you thank him you get a CG

boyfriend constantly blows the mc off
and in the mean while shes stalked by some random guy

she bumps into the security guard at the coffee shop
he is  expecting to sit together

she feels  stalked at night
and is grabbed pulled to the ground by a strange man
mr security guard comes to the rescue and punches the creep
it took me 4 tries to realize the security guards purpose in the game LOL

security guard asks for the main character to be with him for a while
then he suddenly grabs her arm like stoppp i cant let go
“boyfriend” sees  those too looking into each others eyes

bf appears in the house
he pulls her towards the bed and kisses roughly
*cough* he then takes off her shirt *cough*
i was there like.. 0…0

uh i haven’t played your route yet idk you this feels weird..
he then touches her boobs and she thinks of mr security guard

she gos to worrk afterwards and bumps into mr security guard
she bought him some cake LOL
they then have rushed tea together
mr security guard brings up the “boyfriend”  subject
MC wishes instead of him being happy that he was jealous

boss hits on her and pulls her close
asking if she has any plans out to dinner
of course there is rejection towards him

and as she flee you bump into an employee
named hiro, he asks if he will do instead of the boss
WHAT i havent even met you hiro,,

she bumps into the security guard
his face looks…really eerie
mr security guard pulls you by the arm
opens the emergency staircase door

and he asks about what happened earlier with her boss hitting on her
she tell him you dont have a choice you get a cg
he then pushes her against a wall
and pulls her close while he roughly hugs and kisses
also tries you make her hot..
im just too embarassed to actually type what he did,,

seems the security guard is now evading her
security guard saves her from getting hit by a truck
but i have this feeling he silently stalks and watches all the time..
he always seems to BE there

she sees the obvious cheating bf with another woman.
and he does not feel bad about it
mr security guard appears
if you pick the clingiest option you get a cg
she asks for him to sleep with her basically
where mr security guard hugs
and gently comforts her with his fingers

exhausted from over work and lack of sleep she faints
she wakes up in a hospital and mr security guard is there
he pleads to be by her side
he then says it doesn’t matter if she ever loves him =LIE
he then cries and says hes happy to be with her
and you get a beautiful cg i believe if you pick “hanging you head”
mr security guard caresses her hand and and cries
bf bursts into the room
he vows to take better care of her and says

he will broke it off with his gf (DOUBT IT)
he then asks the security guard to get out 😦

bf then kisses her
and its terrible imagine youre over worked and tired
and all he is thinking about is getting some
and starts to fondle
and whats even more terrible???
eeek eek eeek  mr security guard walked in and SAW it
she runs out to talk to mr security guard
then confesses she doesn’t like the feeling of the bf touching her anymore
he then is like no shes happier with him
its so confusing he pushes away yet begs to be by her side

Mc feels someone in your house and suddenly  wakes up in a weird place
legs are in shackles mr security guard then responds ” i have no choice i couldn’t help it”
im pretty sure he put stuff in her food to make her tired..
he wants her to “stay here like this forever”
ok so he wants her to be at an weird unknown location,

on the floor, shackled, unhappy FOREVER? now that is LOVE …
then they take off their clothes and she asks him to bind her arms too
and with everything towels??

idk about you but yuck they are HIS towels from his closet

he responds with : i love you i love you so much that its making me crazy
YOU sir are already to crazy..
the guard then holds her  tight and kisses her
he then unbinds her and carries her  to bed
idk  but it is my peeve when the girl is made to undress first
they then have sex and stuff
cheating bf wonders where shes been
she then ends the relationship (SUNK)

security guard is like shess minee
and he gets punched

a month later they find an apartment

and are talking about a honey moon

she says im actually really lucky
MY MY … not exactly..
you then get a simple CG
at the end shes called by the ex boyfriend
who says he will never forgive her


um wow guys… im at a loss for words..
i mean for a shall we date i feel this is sorta one of the worst routes
first of all i had a hard time believing they were in pure love
second of all the ending was so rushed and
i dont really have the feeling of being secure after this
but its not as scary to me as it was to most people


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