Office Lovers~Forbidden Romance~ Sequel and date scenario (ROUTE: Ryo Kaido)

disclaimer: i didn’t take this screen shot but it doesn’t really matter lol it all looks the same.

playable  route rate:❤ ❤ ❤ ( pretty good route)

i personally think the music is a bit annoying

 the same few notes looped over and over

there were only 2 musical clips too

there were a handful of typos

I feel there was not enough backgrounds/locations

and mr Kaido only changed his outfit twice..the second for a very short time

and in the scene where it says he only has a shirt hanging off

him they do NOT  draw him shirtless  THIS IS IMPORTANT

 good points:

Available on Iphone

the mouths move and he blinks in real time

I get an forbidden love

i get to have my Sadistic megane bishie =bingo

something to look out for: 

  •  even though this is 17+

it actually isn’t terribly different from most 13+ games

  •  if you expect sexy time scenes

it doesn’t show them  or entertain them

it even cuts off romantic scenes to talk about boring things

  •  if youre a fan of super do S guys you may be disinterested to know

that you have to put of with a moody cynical male bomb 

On my end there was  this glitch  where it tried to charge me again for the date 

NO THANKS! you guys if this happens check your itunes bank

if it took money if not  click on it again


 1st chapter in the regular story is FREE

 to read the rest to main volume is 2.99 

you can purchase one date scenario for 0.99

also one sequel for 0.99 

i bought them all…

i mean come on fun for about 5 bucks plus tax its really hard to beat  xD

when i have time i will review the main route but that will take a while T_T


 you are jealous Ryo acted nice towards a new employee

he touches your cheek

and says ” i’ll do whatever you want me to do”

, so then Ryo changes nice

says a lot of nice things and strokes your hair 

and also kisses your forehead 

its SO  awkward..  I DONT LIKE IT >>>

he lifts you into his arms 

lays you down to “coddle” you what LOL 

and you kiss him

 your back hits the table  and you get a CG

he takes your hand and kisses you

he also says they are gong to make plans 

and the scenario ends 

Date Scenario: 

of course it starts at the office

kaido randomly preforms a tea ceremony 

 you are stupid and ask if he likes green tea WELL (idiot..)

Kaido asks you very indirectly if you want to see the cherry blossoms

as youre about to make tea he wraps his arm at your waist

and  shows you how to hold the tea wisk

lol he bit your ear

to end the game he force feeds you the tea >//< kinda

then he starts to move up your blouse and the story cuts of

<i wished the date was actually at a better location than the office 

even though this is called office lover >


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