Reasons Why i have been Idle-oh boy, the overwhelming events…


( see this beautiful art here?? NOT mine found it on DA i think 2+ Yr ago) 

List of reasons Why i have been idle:

Don’t worry i STILL play otome games and stuff

i’m a bit unsure as to if ill post more reviews or not though and

Even though i have few followers i still felt they deserved an explanation:

My self esteem hit rock bottom..

had family emergencies in which everything is kind of ok now?

broke up with my BF and im glad.

 i graduated high school phew

On one of my dead blogs that i started

when i was slightly newer to anime  got a chunk of hate mails..

just because i was labeled Otaku and people think im disgusting but whatever

when i was on Otome Hearts I was bullied by an user for no reason at all

idc if they see this. i deleted my acc 

I was bullied right in front of mods and they just went along like it was nothing

i joined IG  under another name and was bullied there too for no reason/ being picked on for my art

but its ok now i have people who really like me for me

and i improved a lot artistically HA but i give no credit to haters

And that’s the End, sorry about this



2 responses to “Reasons Why i have been Idle-oh boy, the overwhelming events…

    • oh thank you so much. its been a bit rough but things are finally looking up. crossing my fingers that the next 2 years will be awesome. bless your sweet soul for commenting it made my night *

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